WRENT: You’re behind it, aren’t you?

ALEX: The sofa?

WRENT: The set-up. The whole Romeo and Juliet drama we got going on at school right now You do know Mercutio died, right? And then, like everybody else?

ALEX: What are you actually upset about? Did you want to be included?

WRENT: Why didn’t you include me? Huh? Is it because you knew I’m in love with her?

ALEX: I actually didn’t know that. So…

WRENT: You knew. Come on. You knew.

ALEX: No, you see, what I actually do know is that I specifically asked you if you had a crush on her, if you had feelings for her, and you said no.

WRENT: Oh, come on! Why did you even ask me, if you…

ALEX: I thought you might. It’s why I asked. If you’d been honest with me, maybe I’d’ve helped you, but I mean, it’s too late now. She’s with him.

WRENT: All because of you.

ALEX: Not all. They had a natural affinity, like achemistry together.

WRENT: And you know that from your own extensive love-life.

ALEX: It’s not about quantity. It’s about observation.

WRENT: And you weren’t able to observe that your best friend—

ALEX: That’s why I asked!

WRENT: You should’ve told me. You should’ve told me what you were doing. Instead, you and Ruth went off and did your own thing without telling anybody.

ALEX: You’re right. I should’ve told you. I’m sorry. But I want you to think about the implications here: you had information that was relevant to something I was planning. You didn’t share it. You kept it to yourself. You didn’t trust me.

WRENT: I didn’t trust myself.

ALEX: You see the problem here.

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