Over and Out

AMBER: Hi, honey. How did your midterm go?

NOAH: It was fine.

AMBER: What’s wrong? Don’t I get a kiss? OK, now you have to tell me what’s wrong.

NOAH: I think I’m gay. I’m sorry. I know this is… my timing… I just, I think it’s something that I’ve… You don’t know my parents, they would…

AMBER: Oh my God, you’re serious. But we just had sex, though. Just, like, last night. And then again this morning.

NOAH: I know.

AMBER: What, did you just… Did something…

NOAH: It’s not you.

AMBER: No, I know it’s not me, dammit, Noah! I’m not… I know how this works! I know you can’t just wave a wand or fuck someone so bad they turn gay, I know that’s not how it works.

NOAH: Well, for some lesbians, maybe. Sorry.

AMBER: Are you joking right now? Is that where you think we are? You are breaking up with me! You are breaking up with me less than twenty-four hours after taking my virginity! Am I supposed to care that it’s because of something you can’t help? What happened?

NOAH: Well, I mean, nothing. I was born this way.

AMBER: But how did you not know yesterday, and then…

NOAH: It just… I don’t know, it’s been… brewing.

AMBER: I can’t believe how much I want to hit you right now.

NOAH: I guess if that’s what it takes—

AMBER: Oh, fuck you, Noah!

NOAH: Sorry.

AMBER: What if I’d gotten pregnant? Did you even…

NOAH: Would you have kept it?

AMBER: Well what if I did!

NOAH: I suppose I would’ve… done the right thing.

AMBER: Would you have married me?

NOAH: Would you marry a man knowing he’s gay? I’d have told you.

AMBER: Why did you sleep with me? I mean, obviously it’s not because you think I’m pretty.

NOAH: Of course I think you’re pretty—

AMBER: Stop it. Was I an experiment? Just trying to make sure?

NOAH: I thought I loved you. I do, I think, just not… And I could tell how much you wanted to, so, I mean. I’m sorry. For everything, not just the timing.

AMBER: Two years, Noah. I could’ve gone to Duke.

NOAH: You were never going to go to Duke.

AMBER: No, but I could’ve!

NOAH: You’ll find someone else. You know, if you want, I could put in a good word for you, tell people how good you are in bed.

AMBER: Would anyone believe you, though, since you’re a raging queen?

NOAH: Oh, honey, I’ll make ‘em!

AMBER: Please don’t.

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