First Impressions



CORINNE: You mind if I…

MARJORIE: It’s your lungs.

CORINNE: Not concerned with the whole second-hand thing?

MARJORIE: You’re downwind. I’ll survive.

CORINNE: You smell pretty good. Speaking of downwind. Must be some kind of hair thing. You want one?

MARJORIE: I don’t smoke.

CORINNE: How ‘bout weed? Can I smoke you out?

MARJORIE: What part of “I don’t smoke”—

CORINNE: Pot’s different, though. You know?

MARJORIE: Yeah. It’s illegal.

CORINNE: Oh. I see. One of those, are you.

MARJORIE: Yes. I am one of those. For that matter, smoking under eighteen is illegal, too.

CORINNE: I’m not under eighteen.

MARJORIE: Well, good. Good for you.

CORINNE: You waiting on someone? Just trying to make conversation.

MARJORIE: My friend Shannon. We’re supposed to go to a thing.

CORINNE: To a thing?

MARJORIE: To the mall. We’re going to the mall, OK?

CORINNE: You do that a lot?

MARJORIE: I don’t know.

CORINNE: You don’t seem too happy about it.

MARJORIE: Seriously?

CORINNE: I’m just saying—

MARJORIE: Well, don’t.

CORINNE: Do you have a problem with the mall? You just sound kinda—

MARJORIE: It’s not the mall I have a problem with.


MARJORIE: Whatever. I just wish there was something more to do in this town.

CORINNE: You could go hiking. Hang out in Sherman square—

MARJORIE: Yeah, if you wanna get assaulted—

CORINNE: I didn’t mean, like, at night. Go to the drum circle—

MARJORIE: And with the weed again!

CORINNE: Not everybody there smokes weed. You don’t have to smoke weed. Ever smoke crack? Just thought I’d ask. Well, since you asked so kindly, I’m actually here waiting for my brother to pick me up.


CORINNE: He’s giving me a ride to the abortion clinic. Oh, not for me. I just volunteer sometimes. Yeah, no abortions for me, things’d have to get really… Am I making you uncomfortable? It’s okay, you can say so. Is your friend late? I’m stuck here for another half hour at least, till Ryan gets off work; that’s my brother, Ryan. Not real talkative, are you?

MARJORIE: Depends.

CORINNE: Look, I’m sorry if I… I don’t know, it’s this thing I do, I guess, I like to press people’s buttons. Sometimes it’s… But I am trying to be nice. Nice to have someone to talk to.

MARJORIE: Then why do you dress like that?

CORINNE: Wait—this is about how I dress? Seriously? That’s where this went? OK, fine, what about the way I dress?

MARJORIE: It’s just all doom and gloom, you know?

CORINNE: What? Just ‘cause it’s all black? I wear all black ‘cause it’s easier to match things together. And people don’t notice as much if there are, you know, stains. I guess if they’re white, but like…

MARJORIE: Oh, trust me, they notice.

CORINNE: Shit, girl, you don’t see me getting all up in your grill over what you wear!

MARJORIE: What’s wrong with what I wear?

CORINNE: It’s fucking pink.

MARJORIE: It’s green and, like, fuschia.

CORINNE: Well, it might as well be fucking pink. You get that shit at the mall, too? I know it’s your favorite place.

MARJORIE: I like showing people who I am.



CORINNE: Your boyfriend like that?

MARJORIE: Yes, he does.

CORINNE: You don’t have a boyfriend.

MARJORIE: How do you know?

CORINNE: ‘Cause you’re fucking popular.

MARJORIE: He doesn’t go here.

CORINNE: Oh, ‘cause he lives in Canadia?


CORINNE: Uh. Never mind. You’re so far in the closet it’s hardly even worth fighting the Ice Queen for you.

MARJORIE: Excuse me!

CORINNE: Look, forget it, OK? Guess you got enough people buying your act now, you’re starting to believe it yourself.

MARJORIE: What the fuck are you talking about?

CORINNE: You know damn well what I’m talking about. Look, forget it, OK? Pink suits you. Really brings out the hypocrisy in your eyes. Is that your friend?

MARJORIE: What’s wrong with pink?

CORINNE: She’s hot. Kinda jealous. Also dresses better than you, ‘cause this? Nah. I’m not buying this.

MARJORIE: Well, cool, ‘cause I’m not selling it. By-e!

CORINNE: Hey, have fun in the closet! Buying clothes. At the mall.

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