“The Kids Are Alright”

It’s the weirdest, most random thing and if it weren’t happening to them in real life, they would probably change the channel in disgust.

No one even went to that diner. None of them, anyway. They were all there that night for random reasons. Jasper and Raven were working on their applications, getting re-enrolled; Jasper was out late with Lucy after a party. Trevor was actually trying to get work done, a last-minute presentation. He didn’t recognize Declan or Raven until Lucy came in.

Kyle was there because he got a text. He wasn’t sure who the text was from, but there were a handful of students who had his number and it seemed urgent. Or it could have been Tommy. Maybe.

Tommy got a text, too. Wasn’t sure who it was from. When he got there, though, boy, he was glad to see an old friendly face—and his brother there, too?

The real trip, though, was Blake. Remember Blake? He was a truck driver by then, had been for a while, he had lots to say.

It wasn’t till he got there and everything else was in place and Kyle and Tommy were freaking out about their respective texts that I showed up.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” I said to my brother and all of his friends, hiding my new redheaded boytoy at the entrance. “You’re probably wondering why I called you all here today.”

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