Ode to the Dragon-Gods of Time

The following is a translation of one of the oldest Icathi poems, possibly itself transcribed from Antediluvian Skytongue. It is offered (for now) without commentary.

I call upon the Dragon-Gods to take me to the future,
to guide my path across the shards of time into the Undiscovered Country,
to earn my hope and feed my dreams and make my wealth increase,
to show me to a better place while they make my body older.

Acarius, Icaria, I put my faith in you.
Great Dragon-God, Great Dragon-Goddess, show your love anew.

Acarius, help me reach my goals
as you once broke your way through Time.
Icaria, give your blessing,
grant me a miracle like your birth.

Before you, Goddess, all He knew was a moment of time,
(a blink of an eye, a blind-man’s waking dream)
In the Void, in the deep black nothingness of nowhere,
You appeared as a reflection in Your lover’s eyes
And He burst forth to find You,
dragging the shards of Time, His prison, in His wake,
and You were seized,
to hurtle into the dark unknown forever.

Now come and find me.
Help me find you.
Bring me the miracle of Your sight.
Bring me the miracle of love and happiness
to light my way into the Undiscovered Country.

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