Destiny and the Fates

You want to do what you want to do.
You want to be who you want to be.
Fate might know better.

You choose your own Destiny.
You make a life, forge a path for yourself,
Unless Fate knows better.

Fate knows better because Fate knows what–
What should happen, what has happened
In the future.

Time has happened already. For her. For them.
They have seen what must be in their past,
What should be in our future.

Their Fate is more important than your destiny.
So choose what you can, but if you fail, remember
Fate just might know better.

About Polypsyches

I write, regardless of medium or genre, but mostly I manage a complex combined Science-Fiction/Fantasy Universe--in other words, I'm building Geek Heaven. With some other stuff on the side. View all posts by Polypsyches

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