Appropriate Behavior

MARK: Close the door, please.

CAITLIN: Do I have to?

MARK: Please. Have a seat.

CAITLIN: So what’s this about?

MARK: I just wanted to see how you were doing.


MARK: Well, I know you’ve been going through some life changes. Moving can be stressful.

CAITLIN: Did you notice my life-changes by the quality of my work?


CAITLIN: Then why are we here?

MARK: I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.

CAITLIN: Do you have reason to believe that I’m not okay?

MARK: Do you have a problem with me, Caitlin?

CAITLIN: Do you have a problem with me? Mark?

MARK: I’m trying to keep the lines of communication open. Is there something you feel you need to say to me? Is there something you would feel more comfortable saying to someone else? Like Natasha?

CAITLIN: If there was, would I tell you first?

MARK: Look, I’m just trying to make sure things keep running smoothly here. If you have a problem that you’d prefer not to discuss with me, I really wish you’d go to Natasha, who has experience with this, rather than tittering off in the back with Kaitlyn—with the other Kaitlyn.

CAITLIN: And why isn’t she here for this?

MARK: I don’t want you worrying about Kaitlyn—

CAITLIN: Do you not want me talking to Kaitlyn?

MARK: I would prefer it if you didn’t gossip with Kaitlyn.

CAITLIN: And what makes you think we’ve been gossiping?

MARK: Have you been gossiping?

CAITLIN: Exactly what is it that you don’t want us to say?

MARK: Look, say whatever you want. But if you have a problem, it should go through H. R. Keeping it between yourselves is not appropriate workplace behavior.

CAITLIN: I see. Can I go now?

MARK: Caitlin.

CAITLIN: Yes, Mark.

MARK: Nothing. Just. Keep up the good work.

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