The Geology of Commitment

JACK: What you looking at?

PRISCILLA: Water. Lots and lots of water.

JACK: I know, right? Classic. Or should I say “classical”—get it?


JACK: Check out Delos.

PRISCILLA: She’s not so hot.

JACK: That was Apollo’s island. It’s where he was born.

PRISCILLA: Don’t forget Artemis.

JACK: How could I?

PRISCILLA: Always was partial to Athena, myself.

JACK: Yeah, you are.

PRISCILLA: Jack, why are we here?

JACK: You said you always wanted to go.

PRISCILLA: It was all so sudden, though. I mean, thanks, obviously, just…

JACK: Look… I was gonna wait. Do this somewhere… maybe on the stage at Epidavros or something, but… maybe here, on the deck of the nigh ferry, just the two of us…

PRISCILLA: The fuck is that?

JACK: What’s it look like?

PRISCILLA: It looks like a pearl.

JACK: I know how much you like oysters.

PRISCILLA: You know how much I—are you serious?

JACK: It’s a perfect pearl, ‘Scilla.

PRISCILLA: But that’s not… ugh…

JACK: Priscilla—

PRISCILLA: How can you not know that it’s bad luck to have a pearl for an engagement ring?

JACK: Oh, come on, it’s not that bad.

PRISCILLA: It’s just the pressure, OK? Pearls are fragile—it’s not like I could wear it all the time!

JACK: Look, you don’t have to. I’m not the kinda guy who likes to hang a label.

PRISCILLA: But I want a ring that I can actually wear without being afraid that I might break it.

JACK: So you do want a ring?


JACK: ‘Scilla, this isn’t just a ring. You know it isn’t.

PRISCILLA: Right. Yeah, no, obviously.

JACK: So that’s a yes? Hold on, got to do this right—will you marry me?

PRISCILLA: Will you get me a decent ring?

JACK: I really thought you’d like it.

PRISCILLA: I’m sorry. I do.

JACK: Is that a yes?


JACK: Priscilla….

PRISCILLA: Oh. Yeah, no. Of course.

JACK: Thank you.


JACK: Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world—or at least on the night-ferry.

PRISCILLA: I don’t know, we got all those Brazillians here and their team just won.

JACK: Priscilla—

PRISCILLA: I know, I know, I love you, too.

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