“Pretty with the Lights Out”

Christina Wang wasn’t good for Raven and she knew it. Some part of her knew it, at least. Christina was intense. “You should wear more eye-makeup,” was the first thing she said to her.

Raven frowned, self-conscious.

“No, no,” said the already-Goth chick. “I don’t mean to be pretty—you’re totally pretty, but that’s kinda the point, you know?”

Raven didn’t know.

“Look, you’re obviously a shy girl, not into the whole attention thing. Right? But you’re also pretty. That’s not a good combo. Guys are gonna look at you. Like, a lot. So you should wear, like, way too much make-up so that they’ll think you’re not pretty.”

She started to say something in response, then stopped.

“What?” Christina urged.

Raven shifted in her seat. “Isn’t make-up supposed to make you pretty?”

Christina sighed. “So much to learn you have.”

It was a couple days before Christina started to make really clear moves. She figured touching Raven’s face probably shouldn’t count as flirting if she was applying make-up, although she’d be lying if she said it didn’t give her a thrill. Something about this girl with her eyes closed—the trust. The loyalty. Loyalty? Was that the right—anyway, it was hot, but it didn’t count.

“You need better bras,” she informed her new protégée and once they were in the fitting room, she took it upon herself to inspect the goods personally. “What?” she said to the shocked look on Raven’s painted face. “We’re all girls here…”

Was she smiling too wide? She was smiling too wild. She was giving away the game. But then Raven was smiling, too.

It was a month before she kissed her. It was Christina’s first kiss (though she pretended it wasn’t) but Raven was so good at it! Lips, tongue, breathing. “Have you ever kissed anyone before?”

Raven shook her head emphatically.

“Are you sure?” Christina smiled and chuckled.

There was that frown again. “Yeah?”

“I want you to be my girlfriend,” Christina told her afterwards. They were both far less naked than they’d seen each other, but she’d still never felt so exposed.

“Oh…” said Raven.

Christina whispered “We wouldn’t have to tell anyone.”

She could tell something inside Raven struck a chord at that.

“I just really like you,” she added. “And you really like me, too, right? Raven nodded most emphatically, but look down and out.

“Hey.” Christina pushed her hands towards her and her eyes flickered over. “It’s okay. You don’t have to say yes.”

“Yes,” Raven whispered. And for a moment, she was looking in her brand-new girlfriend’s eyes, until she smiled again and looked away.

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