The Foundations of Decadence (part 1)


JEFFREY VON TRIER: Look at that. It’s a Liesbeth. Check it out, what I got ya.

LIESBETH: Oh. No, sorry, I don’t drink.

JEFFREY: What do you mean, you don’t drink?

LIESBETH: I’m sorry.

JEFFREY: Don’t you get thirsty?


JEFFREY: Can I get you anything else?


JEFFREY: What you gonna do with that? Thought you didn’t drink. Kidding. Lighten up. Well, so uh… that uh, that thing? You were gonna do? How’d it go?

LIESBETH: Pretty good, I guess. I mean… It was a bit heavy.

JEFFREY: Difficult?

LIESBETH: Emotional.

JEFFREY: Did he cry?

LIESBETH: He didn’t cry.

JEFFREY: That’s too bad.

LIESBETH: At least, not while I was there. He was just… einh.

JEFFREY: That’s something, anyway.

LIESBETH: Well, in any case, it’s over now.

JEFFREY: Over now. Well, then. Good for you. Guy was a dick and you’re too good for him. Cheers. Now to find someone who won’t go astray. Am I right? What’s wrong?

LIESBETH: No, sorry, it’s nothing, it’s just that term, “go astray”. I just get… Who does that? It just doesn’t make sense!

JEFFREY: What sense would it make?

LIESBETH: He’s just not like that! And her? He barely even knows her!

JEFFREY: Didn’t they date? A year or two ago?

LIESBETH: Yeah, for like five seconds, that doesn’t count! But they didn’t–that’s not even–

JEFFREY: Listen. People are machines that lie. I’m just saying. If I was you… A guy can go on for years, doing whatever, without ever thinking of anyone but himself, without anyone else even knowing about it. Happens all the time.

LIESBETH: Then there was that note.

JEFFREY: That note.

LIESBETH: You saw it.

JEFFREY: I saw it.

LIESBETH: That note. God! I can’t stand it! What are you drinking?

JEFFREY: This? Acts like beer, tastes like nectar of the Gods. Ambrosia.


JEFFREY: Thought you didn’t drink?

LIESBETH: Tastes like juice. Soda, but just… I dunno, softer.

JEFFREY: Ambrosia. I’m telling you.

LIESBETH: You and your ambrosia, man.

JEFFREY: It’s beer. I promise. What do you think? … Wow, you can drink!

LIESBETH: I gotta get rid of him!

JEFFREY: Out of your system? Flush him out?

LIESBETH: Yup. And you? Your system need any… flushing?

JEFFREY: I might have a few… bugs in my system.

LIESBETH: Is that why you drink?

JEFFREY: I drink ‘cause I drink. My system? For that, I need something else.

LIESBETH: Something else? A girl, maybe?

JEFFREY: Why, Liesbeth… Are you trying to seduce me?

LIESBETH: You’re the one driving me to drink.

JEFFREY: What, beer? That’s nothing. Not gonna get you drunk.

LIESBETH: You sure? I’m starting to feel it…

JEFFREY: Or maybe you’re starting to feel something else.

LIESBETH: Now I’m the one going astray.

JEFFREY: Thought you broke up with him.

LIESBETH: Not talking about him. Aren’t you kind of a stray?

JEFFREY: Is that what you think of me?

LIESBETH: Not allowed to think, I’m drunk. Couldn’t we… go astray?

JEFFREY: Why do you want that?

LIESBETH: Don’t you want that?

JEFFREY: It’s not about that. Why do you want that? Is it about him? Or is it about me? What do you want?

LIESBETH: No, you’re right. You’re right, it’s not about you, it’s just to…

JEFFREY: Get him out of your system?

LIESBETH: Exactly. Yeah.

JEFFREY: Good. All right, then. Come along.

LIESBETH: Where are we going?

JEFFREY: Astray.

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