You Are Mine

KATIE: Jimmy? Jimmy, oh my God! Where the fuck have you been? Everybody’s been looking for you!

JIMMY: I’ve been around.

KATIE: Around? Did you have your fucking phone off? What?

JIMMY: Lost it.

KATIE: You lost your phone? Shit. I’m sorry.

JIMMY: Yeah, I lost my phone when I crashed my car.

KATIE: Holy shit. Jimmy, I’m so sorry. What happened?

JIMMY: What do you care, anyway?

KATIE: What do I—what do you mean “What do I care?” I’m your girlfriend!

JIMMY: Oh, are you?

KATIE: Jimmy… Jimmy, you’re scaring me.

JIMMY: Yeah, I bet. I bet you’re scared. You prob’ly should be. See, I uh… I had a little talk this morning.

KATIE: A talk?

JIMMY: With Karl.

KATIE: Carl? Which Carl?

JIMMY: Don’t play dumb with me, you know damn well which Karl. He had some stuff to say.

KATIE: Like what kinda stuff?

JIMMY: He actually had some stuff to say about you.

KATIE: Well, Karl Damien is a fucking liar!

JIMMY: You gonna tell me you didn’t fuck him?

KATIE: Yeah. Actually, that’s exactly what I’m gonna say.

JIMMY: You’re really not good at this, you know. This lying. It’s your body, I think it just, I don’t know, maybe it’s whatever’s left of Karl that’s still inside you and wants to, wants to like—

KATIE: All right! All right, it was one time. I don’t know.

JIMMY: Oh! Oh, just one time. Oh, I see.

KATIE: It was one. Time. Jimmy.

JIMMY: It was three times. Hold on. You wait a second. I might even be able to tell you the dates, you ready for this? Don’t you walk away from me!

KATIE: What do you want from me?

JIMMY: How ‘bout some loyalty? How ‘bout some goddamn fidelity? How ‘bout you not sleeping around behind my back just ‘cause I got an internship the other side of the fucking country? How ‘bout that? How ‘bout that?

KATIE: I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you, but—

JIMMY: I didn’t want you to tell me! I wanted you to not fucking—Goddammit, Katie! Why?

KATIE: I don’t know why. I just… I’m sorry. You weren’t here and I needed…

JIMMY: Oh, you needed to. Oh, I see, now you needed to fuck some other guy?

KATIE: It just happened, OK? I’m sorry!

JIMMY: Listen to me. Listen to me, Katie, all right? Are you listening?

KATIE: I’m listening.

JIMMY: I’m the boss here, you got that?

KATIE: Excuse me?

JIMMY: Shut up when I’m talking to you! I am your man! You got that? I am your man which means you do not fuck any other men—

KATIE: Get off! You’re hurting me—

JIMMY: Oh, I’m hurting you now, huh? Oh, you like that? It’s not fun, is it? It’s not fun getting hurt.

KATIE: I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Jimmy, I’m so sorry!

JIMMY: Sorry isn’t good enough! God, do you have any idea…

KATIE: Jimmy…

JIMMY: You’re mine. You’re my girlfriend. You hear that? Do you feel me? You’re mine, means I can do what I want with you. Just like that. I can do what I want, and when you fuck me over like that, oh baby. Oh baby. I don’t need you anymore. And nobody else matters. Nobody else gets an opinion. You got that? You got that, Katie? ‘Cause you’re mine! Always.

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