On Blogging

I want to be clear about what I do.

I’ve seen a lot of “writing blogs” where self-help instructors talk about fiction and what it means, often rehashing the same doctrinal rules I ignored even when I was in school for this, or else hold the backs of their hands firmly to their forehead and apologize every few weeks for not posting enough.

That is not the kind of writer I wish to be, neither of those two.

I want to actually write stories on the net. Original content. Flash fiction, poems, short plays, perhaps the occasional essay if it holds my interest.

But in the long term, I don’t want to write a “blog”.

Blogs are too linear. I don’t want you to come to my site and see what I posted yesterday and forget all the rest. I don’t want a thread of stories reaching back, I want a net that spread out over your consciousness, and across the world.

As such, this whole thing is probably going to be temporary. Eventually, I hope, I’ll figure out how to unwind this thread and build it into something more like a wiki, placing the emphasis on the interconnection of stories rather than on time.

About Polypsyches

I write, regardless of medium or genre, but mostly I manage a complex combined Science-Fiction/Fantasy Universe--in other words, I'm building Geek Heaven. With some other stuff on the side. View all posts by Polypsyches

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